Government Affairs Committee

Summary of Activities

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring and tracking legislative and regulatory activity in the state that affects the membership at large.  The committee is most active from December to April each year prior to and during the 90-day legislative session.  The committee meets (via conference call) as needed, usually twice per month during the session, to review all proposed legislation and recommend Maryland MGMA’s position on the bill. 

The committee will meet and communicate with key legislators to voice the position of Maryland MGMA on relevant healthcare legislation during Legislative Day each year.  The committee members may provide formal testimony in the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate in support or opposition of healthcare legislation that is ultimately favorable for members and board-approved.

2018 General Assembly Final Report

Click here to download Maryland MGMA's post-session report for 2018. 


The committee coordinates two main events for members:

Legislative Day - Visits to legislators in Annapolis took place on February 22, 2018

Over 30 of our members (our biggest contingency ever!) spent the day meeting with 30 Maryland state senators and delegates to advocate for bills that enhance patient access, medical practice operations, and affordability of care. 

Bills of interest included:  

·         Retroactive denial of reimbursement to providers (HB1070) - support

  • This bill requires a written notice of the retroactive denial at least 30 days to respond to the notice and the option to pay the denied amount in lieu of retention by the carrier.

·         Provider panels procedures and credentialing practices (HB1310/SB1101) - support

  • This bill reduces the statutory time period to process and notify providers during the carrier’s credentialing process from 30 to 15 days for the carrier to notify the rejection of a provider to participate and from 120 to 60 days for to obtain the necessary credentialing information

·         Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (SB234) - support

  • This bill allows for a single licensure process for all states under the compact this will streamline the process and reduce some of the administrative burden.

·        Compulsory timeline to provide medical records (with amendments) (SB230) - support

  • This bill requires providers to respond to medical record requests within the statutory 30-day timeline with additional time granted for records stored offsite

·         Revisions to the use of the PDMP database for mandatory law enforcement referral (HB88/SB1083 and SB1007) - oppose

  • This bill requires rather than authorize PDMP to monitor prescribing and refer possible misuse or abuse to law enforcement 

Legislative Forum - In May, after the legislative session has concluded, Maryland MGMA holds a wrap-up / summary of legislative activity.  This is taking place in combination with our payor day.  See the written post-session report here.

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