Member Categories

We have a membership category to fit your needs. Membership runs for one year from the date you join/renew.


General - $115
Any individual who is, or has recently been, employed by, or an owner of, an entity providing or facilitating the provision of, healthcare services including, by way of example only, a private practice, a practice affiliated with an accredited medical school or graduate medical education program, a federally qualified heath center or other community health center, an ambulatory surgery center, a diagnostic imaging center, a home health agency, a medical services organization and similar entities providing or facilitating the provision of, healthcare services and including an entity which manages another entity providing healthcare services.

Affiliate - $200

Any individual associated with an entity providing goods or support services to a health care provider such as, by way of example only, accounting, billing, consulting or legal services.

Student - $25
Any individual enrolled as a student in a degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning including, by way of example only, community colleges, universities, technical colleges, postgraduate or fellowship programs. To be eligible for a student membership, the individual must be considered a full-time student by the institution of higher learning at which he/she is enrolled.


Membership by business entities providing, or facilitating the provision of, healthcare services. Individuals identified by the entity purchasing the organizational membership will be deemed General or Affiliate Members as applicable.  To learn more about the benefits of this membership category, please contact the Maryland MGMA office at 410.752.3318 or

*Additional Benefits that Set Apart the Organization / Corporate Membership Include:

  • Transferable from one team member to another at any time.
  • Vary who attends each education event based on the topic up to the number of representatives included in your membership level. The attendees may be different for each program. 
  • The flexibility this provides is ideal for many practices and you will save time by processing only one payment rather than several throughout the year.
 Level 1 5 – 10 Members   $1,500
 Level 2 11 – 20 Members  $3,000
 Level 3 21 – 30 Members  $4,500
 Level 4  31 – 40 Members   $6,000