Maryland MGMA Virtual Annual Business Meeting

*Mandatory Member Vote*

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Wednesday, March 31st

12:00pm EST


The Maryland MGMA Board of Directors met recently and reviewed / unanimously approved the attached draft By-Law revisions for your consideration. 

Mandatory Member Vote:

  1. Proposed By-Laws Changes - See attached Board approved draft

  2. Director Slate - Extend the term of the current directors by one year.

The proposed changes to our By-Laws are necessary in order to:

  1. Comply with MGMA's (National) membership categories in order for Maryland MGMA to enter into a renewal of our affiliate agreement,

  2. Comply with changing state laws and/or insurance company requirements (e.g. adding a whistleblower policy), and

  3. Enact certain decisions that the Board intends to make (e.g. allowing officers to serve more than two years in the same position).

While some of the proposed changes are simply cosmetic, the one change that we are pleased to propose is the ability for members, in the future if the proposals are adopted, to participate in annual business and special meetings by proxy. At present, members can only participate in meetings by actually attending them live, either in-person or via video/tele-conference. The addition of allowing either directed or surrogate proxies will further allow member voices to be heard when we conduct association business.


Please register to attend and take part in our Mandatory

Member Vote for the proposed By-Law changes.


Should you have any questions or concerns about any of the proposed changes,
feel free to contact MDMGMA President, Brian Ramos, directly at [email protected] or 202-780-1700.